Of course this place is beautiful — there's an opulent grand square, where even the sun stretches past storm clouds to reach gilded "hotels". There are a thousand chocolate shoppes, a wafting aroma of sweet cocoa and a reward of free chocolate for simply entering a store. Auditory and visual are powerful senses, but what I hope to remember above all are the people I met here.
Five of us, Delirium, 2000 options, and drinking blonde beer out of an elephant covered glass, Tremens. 2L of Campus, cheers and high fives from onlookers as we laughed, playing name games, getting lost in a flurry of accents — Kiwi, British, Aussie, American. All speaking English with a twist. Which was nice because nobody else seemed to here.
On the bottom bunk of a 10-bed dorm, we tried to stay still, shared whispered stories and warmth. It was just that — in the morning, I'd be gone.
That last day, cloudy, sunny — no rain in sight: a reward. We stood in the middle of the square as I said goodbye and you said hello, and we watched the world move in circles above us. There's you and me and an apologetic smile, the satisfaction of mayonnaise-covered frites in my belly — there's this gold and glistening grand square — of course this place is beautiful. Brussels
September 2015